Volvo V90 Cross Country Paves the Way to Adventure... Even if the Way is Unpaved!

Imagine the wildest adventure you've ever been on -- skydiving, snorkeling in shark-infested water, scaling up a jagged cliff, a back-country expedition. Now imagine the most comfortable and relaxed you have ever been -- a day at the spa, an evening beside the fireplace, a sun-kissed beach, a warm bed.

The 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country is like both at the same time.

"The V90 Cross Country takes the elegance of the V90 and transforms it into an all-road car that delivers safety, comfort and performance in a capable and adventurous package," said Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO of Volvo Car Group.

Tested in subarctic northern Sweden in -40-degree winters, and in the harsh heat of the Arizona desert in summer, the V90 Cross Country has the endurance to go anywhere. All-wheel drive has never been so luxurious.

This versatile luxury wagon is coming to Moline this autumn. Contact McLaughlin Volvo Cars, or check our new inventory to see if it has arrived.

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