Will We Ever See the Volvo 30 Series Again?

This spring, Volvo announced it would be revitalizing the 40 Series on a new CMA platform designed for small cars.

The new 40 series aims to be the quirky younger sibling of the Volvo family, focusing on youthful, urban, and engaging design. With this new-found focus on compact crossovers and sedans, is there any hope that Volvo will go smaller, and return the C30 hatchback?


Specifically, the CEO of Volvo Cars told Car and Driver, "It's very hard to make money in that segment right now." He hinted that it would certainly be possible to adapt CMA to a subcompact line like the 30 series, but then immediately douses our dreams by saying "that is not on the agenda."

If you miss the Volvo C30, it sounds like you'll have to wait a long time if it ever comes back at all. For now, try browsing our pre-owned inventory for favorite models past, or keep on the lookout for the new compact 40 series, due to start production in 2017.

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