Get a Maintenance Checklist

We all have a "maintenance checklist". You know, the routine-brush your teeth, have good hygiene, eat good food, and exercise. But what about your car? Your car needs a little TLC, too. It needs to be taken care of so that you can rely on it. Simply checking your tires and fluids before you drive anywhere can go a long way to maintaining a "healthy" car. It's a great idea to know the smells, and sounds of your car, too, so that if anything is ever off, you can bring your car into our service center before anything major happens. Once your car is in the shop we can do a more in-depth checkup, like testing the quality of your cabin air, transmission fluid filters, and engine. It's always a good idea to do a checkup before a long road trip, as well. They can even help you create a personalized maintenance checklist for your car depending on your driving.

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