The Clean Air Experience

Sometimes you drive your car on beautiful day right after it rains. Sometimes you’re stuck in rush hour traffic, sucking up exhaust from other cars. The air quality outside your car can change drastically. Fortunately, with Volvo’s CleanZone Interior Package (CZIP), the air quality inside your car is always fresh and clean.

The CleanZone Interior Package means that your Volvo does an even better job of filtering outside air. The Interior Air Quality System (IAQS) has a large, state-of-the-art air filter. Unlike many other air filters, this one has activated charcoal, which filters out more pollutants and irritants.

Not only does the IAQS keep your air clean, it starts before you even get in the vehicle. When you unlock your car via remote, the IAQS starts the purification process, filtering out the stale air before you even open the door.

A Volvo with the CleanZone Interior Package has some of the cleanest air around. Come down to McLaughlin Volvo Cars in Moline, IL today and see for yourself.

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