Volvo Creates the Clutter-less SUV

The all new Volvo XC40 has been designed and engineered with city-dwellers and a relatively younger demographic in mind. Volvo expects XC40 drivers to be busy, tech-savvy, and on-the-go. Which often comes with baggage (literally). Volvo set aside a ton of R&D time to research just how those who live in the city use their cars everyday. Specifically, researchers on the customer research team looked into how people make use of what storage (or lack therof) is included in their vehicles

Surprising Results Spawn an All New Type of Volvo

Researchers found that most vehicles didn't have adequate storage. As a result, people across the globe were using cupholders, the passenger seat, and whatever other areas they could find to store bags, phones, trash, and more. In typical Volvo fashion, the Swedish car brand has decided to change this through innovation. As a result, the new XC40, though up to par insofar as luxury and quality goes, will be a very different kind of Volvo. And that starts with new in-car storage solutions like the first in-dash air-ventilated subwoofer and door-pockets that accommodate a laptop or tablet.

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