How do Extreme Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

A snow-capped peak or summer sunset creates some of the most picturesque scenes. They can also make for some of the most troublesome driving experiences if you’re not prepared. Cold and heat can take a toll on your vehicle’s battery.

Freezing temperatures create more work for your vehicle’s system. The cold temperatures cause the engine’s oil to thicken, and as a result, that means more stress on both the battery and starter relay to turn the engine over. Once it’s running, your car will likely use the headlights and heater as well as the wipers. That all draws on the alternator’s resources, which in turn affects the battery. On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, extreme heat tends to overheat a battery. It’s a very good idea to check the battery fluid at regular intervals during the summer, as heat causes the fluid to evaporate.

Keeping your vehicle serviced both spring and fall can prevent many unforeseen moments. When you’re in Moline, bring your vehicle in to McLaughlin Volvo Cars and speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians about proper battery care.

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