Check Your Tires Regularly

Anyone who owns or drives a car knows how important tires are to the safety and handling of their car. Old tires can cause serious accidents if they blow out while you are driving, so it is important to visually inspect your tires frequently and below are some signs that your tires need to be replaced:
  • Sidewall Cracks- If you notice that your tires have cracks or cuts in the sidewall it is a sign that your tires may be developing a leak or may even blow out completely so it is time to get them replaced (
  • Bulges or Blisters- Over time or harsh weather conditions the outer surface of the tire can become compromised and this will result in a bulge or blister on the tire. It is important to change your tire immediately if you see a bulge or blister because the spot is weak and can cause the tire to blow (
  • Vibration- While a small amount of vibration is to be expected when driving, especially on old or poorly paved roads too much vibration is a sign that something is wrong. Excessive vibration can be caused when tires are unbalanced or misaligned so it is important to have this checked out because if you drive too long this way you will cause damage to the tires and they will need to be replaced (
At McLaughlin Volvo Cars, safety is one of our highest priorities and if you are concerned about whether your tires need to be replaced come visit our Moline service center and speak with one of our experts.
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