Motor Oil Myths

When you are taking care of your car in Moline, one of the easiest ways you can make sure your vehicle stays roadworthy is making sure the oil, the lifeblood of the car is being paid attention to. Having said that, there are some myths about oil that you want to keep in mind so you don't fall victim to misinformation.

One myth you've likely heard is that you should always change your oil every 3,000 miles. The fact of the matter is that how you use your car, and what kind of car you drive is going to play a big part in when and how often you should change your oil.

There is another myth out there that synthetic oil can damage your car and cause oil leaks. The fact of the matter is that synthetic oil does not cause seals to shrink, so it doesn't cause leaks. What you do want to do is talk to by McLaughlin Volvo Cars about what kind of oil you should get and when you should change it.

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